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Martin Insulation & Coatings
7219 Vermillion Drive, Lake Charles, LA 70605

Martin Insulation & Coatings offers the most comprehensive line of residential, commercial, and industrial grade foam insulation products.  We handle everything from spray foam insulation in new built homes and already existing constructions to industrial grade 3lb. insulation foam. 

From the attic overhead to the walls in between, there’s an insulation solution for every part of your home. So, don’t let your hard-earned dollars go through the roof.  Insulating your exterior walls helps keep cold or hot air out and keep comfort in, saving you money on your energy bills.  On cold mornings, you’ll appreciate the cozy comfort of an insulated bathroom or bedroom. Insulation also quiets noises.  In a healthy home, less air infiltration means less mold, pollen, and dust traveling into your house.

Building a house? Make sure your builder is as concerned about your comfort as you are. Working with a reputable company is important.  We stand by our products and we are the only foam insulating company in the area that is accredited through the BBB. (Better Business Bureau)

Call us for a quote today.

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